Julius Malema – Facts You Need To Know About Him

He originates from Seshego

Julius Sello Malema today is a widespread name both globally and locally. Also listed among the anti-apartheid heroes, Malema was born to single domestic worker mom in Seshego, Limpopo on 3 March 1981. He attended Mohlakaneng High School and later 2010 joined the University of South Africa for a Diploma in Youth Development. Julius then enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and African languages and graduated in March 2016. Malema got married to the longtime love in 2014 and got one son.

Malema Began Controversies At a Tender Aage

The troublemaking Malema began his political advancements relatively early, at age nine when he joined the ANC movement, Masupatsela (Trailblazers). The primary duty involved illegally removing the National Party posters placed outside police stations. Malema got elected as both chairperson of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) Seshego branch and the regional chair in 1995. After two years, he became the chair of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) for the Limpopo province and became the national president in 2001.

Julius Records Many Ridicules

The many debated, socio-political statements from Malema make him a frequent target for ridiculing. For instance, he was quoted in 2003, saying that the student union got the determination to burn the prison Winnie Madikizela-Mandela got locked in to stop her detaining.

Also, he went viral globally in June 2008 declaring to wage war on supposed Jacob Zuma’s prosecutions about fraud and corruption. The remark drew widespread criticism and complaints. This remark from him made the ANC to moderately distance itself from his proclamation the following day.

He Has Allegations Too

Like any other politician, many corruption accusations have come handy to Malema. One is a report claimed by the media, City Press newspaper in July 2011 who mentioned the secret family trust and lavish lifestyle. The comments targeted Ratanang Family Trust, so-called after Malema’s five-year-old son. This company got certified a month barely after the election as the ANYCL president in Pretoria.

Also highlighted was the fact that many senior politicians, companies, mayors, contractors and municipal managers transacted thousands into the account. The findings were that the lavished amounts were in exchange for Malema supporting deals and pushing their agenda. But Malema reacted and disapproved the media for probing into his affluence.

Malema Got Suspended From ANC

On 16 August 2011, the ANC served charges to Julius Malema and Floyd Shivabmu, the spokesperson for the ANCYL. Both got charged with violating the ANC Constitution, for instance disgracing the ANC through the expressions and speeches on Botswana and propagating splitting up of the movement. The corrective trials were then fixed to start on 30 August and led to the suspension of the duo for three years.

He Is Against Denationalization

The suspension from the ANC triggered many political analysts to conclude that it meant the end of his political career. This came up since Malema relied on the past practice to get all agendas supported by the ANC. With the oath to fight against the incapacity of the South African government to launch domestic and international policies advantageous to the expansion of the country.

Malema Remain Radical In Seshego

The suspended duo created own political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters on 10 July 2013. Malema explained that the party came up with a new strategy against opposition parties like Agang South Africa. The parties primary objective lies on the unchanging land expropriation principles and nationalization of mines without compensation. The fiery youth leader still continues with his campaigns.