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What Characteristics Define a Boss Bad

Management styles differ among organizations and may potentially affect employee’s job satisfaction.  A bad management style can do more than just irritate workers, it can send them searching for a new job because no one wants to work with a miserable, difficult and uncaring boss, people generally want to surround themselves with positive people.

List of South African Business Directories

There are several online business directories in South Africa offering listings and all types of services related to online advertising. Online Business Directories vary in quality and content. A good business directory needs to have a high ranking over engines to make a prominent effect online which includes images, contacts information, business description and business URL

Business Interruption Insurance: The Life Boat You Hope You Never Need

Taking out any sort of business insurance isn’t something most people find exciting and stimulating. For the most part, insurance is something of a grudge purchase. When you can’t see what you’re paying for, and the chances of ever needing it seem remote at best, it becomes something that gets

Young Entrepreneurs of Africa

Africa has a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs who are altering Africa. These entrepreneurs are in various fields and industries that include the media, agriculture, fashion, finance and more. This is a brief look at 10 of these young entrepreneurs. Jonathan Liebmann a  South African entrepreneur who is the managing director