3 Best Schools in Johannesburg Inner City

The Johannesburg education landscape has grown rapidly over the years. Extending new opportunities to investors, parents, student, and learners. This city has a well-developed education infrastructure and commitment to excellence.

Education is the only way we can defeat poverty over the long-term and we need ministers and the public of South Africa to understand that and commit in giving our youth the right skills to take this country to the next level. Education can open the door to a whole new world of opportunities and put our youth on the path to success.

We celebrate the people who have held it together in the private education sector to give our youth a good head start

Basa Tutorial Institute

Basa Tutorial Institute

Basa Tutorial Institute is an independent subsidized school, located in Johannesburg town, Gauteng Province. Basa was established in 1993 as a remedial school and it has grown from strength to strength. It has opened two more schools in local townships, one in Soweto and the second one in Diepsloot, so in total there are three Basa Schools in the Gauteng Province

  • Basa Eloff Street
  • Basa Protea Glen
  • Basa Diepsloot

Providence Academy

Providence Academy

Providence Academy is a private combined school located at 104 Pritchard St.Cnr Smal & Vonwilliegh St, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. Providence Academy is among one of the schools that offer best education in Johannesburg. This school was established in 1994 to establish low fee school for the diverse community of the Republic of South Africa

Phoenix College of Johannesburg

Phoenix College

Phoenix College is situated in Johannesburg. Phoenix College is one of the best schools in Johannesburg inner city and is not just an academic institution we are also best in the sporting arena. Phoenix College was founded by Fred Boltman, a retired engineer who used his pension funds and mortgaged his home in order to start the venture. This amazing school was established in 1994 and grown to be a well-recognized school in Johannesburg