Racism Tearing our Country Apart

Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity which is a big factor in South Africa. There seems to be a racism story popping up every two or three months. South Africa with its history of racism and racial injustices seems to be taking one step forward and three steps backwards. However, the issue around racism often gets thrown out of proportion at times.

We often see interracial argument or disagreement turning into a race issue, None Black South Africans often get accused of being racist and Black South Africans often see themselves as the victims of the racism. It is sad how everyone needs to tiptoe around each other because they might just be labelled racist. Racism still exist within the borders of South Africa and this cannot be justified. There’s too much anger, fear and hidden agendas that need to be brought forward and addressed. It’s a pity that this topic upsets most people and avoided by many unless if they are accusing or being accused of it. As a country, we need to find a way to live together in peace but from where I’m sitting that seems far fetched but we can certainly make it work if we try, I don’t know how but we need to make it work for the next generations to come. We cannot let this mess continue.

Most recently Miss SA, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, was accused of being racist, because she wore latex gloves while serving food to black children. She came out and apologized and explained that it was a hygienic gesture but somehow it angered some South Africans as they couldn’t understand why she had to wear gloves around black children from Soweto. It was a puzzling matter because some critics made good points but again it could have been as innocent as she says it was because as seen on the pictures other volunteers also had gloves on.