Family Friendly Attractions In Cape Town

Family vacations are the best for any family and should be done every once in a while. They give a family the opportunity to spend quality time and do things that they love away from your normal routine and from daily disruptions.

There are so many attractive family destinations around the world created to give your family the best time away from home, it makes it very difficult to choose the perfect destination for your family. My favourite family-friendly destination is Cape Town, as there is so much to do. I will be high pointing two of my favourite family-friendly attractions in the Mother City.

Ratanga Junction

A family theme park situated in Milnerton on Century City Boulevard opposite Canal Walk Shopping Center. As many people know, Cape Town has a very windy but warm climate, and this amazing theme park will help your whole family to cool down on one or more of the warm summer days in classical style
Visitors can enjoy fun rides as there are numerous rides for children and for the entire family. Ratanga Junction has rides designed to cater for families with children aged from the ages of three years

The Cape Town Science

The Cape Town Science Centre is an educational facility that uses effective approaches to teach science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Their mission is to inspire curious minds and to develop inquiring mindset by expose children and the youth to positive and new experiences. Helping the youth to cope under the rapidly changing technological environment is their main goal and giving them opportunity to improve their life skills.

They have holiday programmes like the summer science holiday programme. Which is great because it helps children be active, resilient and creative. It gives young people to be in a positive and fun learning environment