Way Forward with MTN Self Service

MTN is one of Africa’s telecommunications network providers. It has once again been recognised as the best mobile network in South Africa, according to the latest Mobile Network Quality Report by MyBroadband.

The MTN mobile network has improved its services over the years. Subscribers are able to do more without being dependent on call centre assists. Below is a list of    basic USSD codes for MTN subscribers

  1. For the Master Menu dial *141*0#, it’s a free service.
  2. For Balance Enquiry dial 141#, it’s a free service.
  3. To Buy MTN products dial *141*2#, it’s a free service.
  4. For MTN Me2U services dial *141*3#, it’s also a Free service
  5. To Change Price Plan dial *141*4#, it’s a Free service
  6. To Manage your MTN services, dial *141*5#, it’s a Free
  7. For MTN Loyalty services dial *141*9#, it’s a Free service
  8. For MTN Eazi Recharge services *141*10# Free
  9. For Mobile Money services  *120*668#, its a Free service for MTN Subscribers
  10. For CallBack services dial *121*(number)# , it’s a Free service
  11. For ExtraTime services dial *141*2# then select option 7, however, this requires a subscriber to have been with MTN for over three months before borrowing airtime from this mobile network.

MTN customers are already enjoying the benefits of the company’s new vision and even though MTN hiked prices in July, they seem to be limiting the number of customers calling in at the call centre.

The Importance Of An Seo Audit For Your Website

Why Is It Important To Get An Seo Audit For Your Website?

An SEO audit is an evaluation of how optimised your website is for search engines and is a key first step in search engine optimisation. A website audit will look at crucial points such as bounce rates, page views, time on site, and much more in-depth insights. These are key areas that need to be enhanced to guarantee better search engine indexing.

404 Page Not Found

One of the most common errors you can come across while browsing the Internet is a 404 or Page Not Found error. This error often occurs when you follow a broken link or if you type in a website address that doesn’t exist.

Broken Images and Missing Alt Tags

Let’s start with alt tags (which stands for alternative tags), they are important to Google image search. Although search engines have become pretty clever, alt tags help them understand what images are about. In other words, alt tags provide textual descriptions of images, which makes it possible for search engines to categorize them.

Broken images cause the same issues as broken links. Broken links are dead ends for users and search engines, and they can cause search engines to downgrade your website because they create a poor user experience. A broken image is usually an icon that looks like a photograph or a piece of paper that’s been ripped in half. An image could be broken for any number of reasons.


The image above will give you a good indication of what a non-secure and a secure website address look like. If you still have a website that is not secure, it is highly recommended to change the website from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS is essential for ensuring a safe and secure experience for users. Google considers site security to be a ranking signal and will favour websites with HTTPS.

Slow Loading Website

Page speed is an important ranking factor, more importantly, page speed helps visitors through a better user experience, which leads to an increase in conversions (when a visitor completes a desired action on your website). Having a slow running website is a nightmare because it can deter potential customers from buying through your site or restrict readers from viewing your articles and information. Google has confirmed that website speed is a ranking factor – they expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less, as an optimal benchmark.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is content that appears on the Internet in more than one place. It often lives on a different URL and sometimes even on a different domain/website. For instance, your website could be available on both www and non-www or HTTP and HTTPS — or both at the same time, the horror!

No XML Sitemap

A sitemap, or more specifically, an XML sitemap, is like a road map or a table of contents for all of the important pages, posts, and images on your website. Having an XML sitemap will tell Google, and other search engines, which pages are on your website – so they can know to include them in their search results. Without this, the search engine will not be able to crawl your website effectively.

Not Mobile Friendly

When we talk about mobile-friendly websites, we mean that a website looks and functions great on any mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet. About 91% of mobile users say access to content is critical. That means many may consider leaving a site if they’re unable to find what they’re looking for.  A mobile-friendly website should be sized and coded for easy interaction on any mobile device.

Low Word Count

The amount of words on the pages of your website is referred to as “Word count”, this is a complicated SEO metric because, on one hand, there is no minimum word count for a page. On the other, Google is known to rank content with more depth higher, and longer content is one indicator of depth, especially if you avoid fluff. The content on your website needs to include a broad range of subjects around a given focus topic to make it more valuable to readers.

Temporary Redirects

Redirection is an excellent way to let search engines know when a page has moved so that you don’t lose any page authority (rank on search engine result pages (SERP). However, there is a big difference between permanent (301) and temporary (302) redirects in terms of SEO. A 302 redirect can cause search engines to continue to index an outdated page while ignoring the page you are redirecting it to. That is why if the change is permanent, it’s worth implementing a permanent redirect.

If you are under the impression that you can simply ignore fixing these errors on your website, guess again, eventually, your website will drop off the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and before you know it, you will have a website with low traffic and no conversions.

The good news is, your traffic and conversions can and will increase by taking care of the various errors on your website to assure better rankings and ultimately that is why it is important to acquire a proper SEO Audit for your website.

Why WordPress is Ideal For Lead Generation Sites

Having set up and optimized countless sites with the goal of improving a businesses organic traffic footprint I often get asked the question, “Which CMS is the best for SEO?”. To which I can only answer there is none and Google will intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. I’ve worked with PHP, ASP.Net, Ruby and JS based sites which all have their merits and shortcomings. The issues only really make a difference when you’re righting bespoke features or you need to scale, which doesn’t affect most sites. So when a small business asks me what would the ideal platform be, I’d have to say it depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

For E-commerce

I would opt for shopify and for a personal site or blog where you don’t need to have any coding experience, I’d opt for Wix or Squarespace. For a service based business/lead generation site, I would opt for WordPress

Lead generation sites can be anything from law firms, gyms to custom clothing. This versatile site structure allows owners to build up an online reputation which can later be used to pivot into other areas like publishing or eCommerce and is by far the most popular use for WordPress.

So why is WordPress perfect for lead generation sites wanting to take advantage of organic traffic? Let’s dive in and see!

The Current State Of WordPress

WP is an open source CMS built on PHP and currently powers over 30% of all the websites existing over the Internet and has certainly come a long way since its release on 27 May 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It’s 2018 and WordPress continues to grow, steadily yet magnificently.

WordPress is definitely one of the favorite choices. But the question is whether it is a good choice for accomplishing the SEO goals that you are trying to achieve, so let’s find out what WordPress has to offer.

Easy Optimization

Lead generation sites that want to take advantage of SEO will need to produce content regularly and push it out fairly easily and this is exactly what WordPress offers you. Even If you are new to blogging, WordPress makes it easy by prompting users to take advantage of optimization techniques. When creating a post-WP will ask you to add the ‘Meta description’, ‘Tags and Categories’, ‘Meta Data’, ‘Keywords’, ‘Excerpt’, etc. Once you are there, optimizing will truly be a ‘click-of-your finger’ process.

Search-Engine Friendly URLs

Also known as permalinks, the chosen URL structure for your website posts is a crucial determinant of how search engines will perceive your content.  Having an URL structure that makes sense for users and crawlers alike can make navigation a breeze and content discovery easy.

With WordPress, you can either choose to go with the generated permalink that is based on an ID number, or you can create your own URL. You can also set URL rules and have WP self-generate URLs based on the pages you create.

Super-Powerful SEO Plugins

The Yoast SEO plugin and the All-in-One SEO Pack plugin are the undisputed market leaders when it comes to WordPress SEO. Their premium versions offer a set of even more powerful features than the free ones. Here are some of the amazing features offered by the free versions of each of them

Speedy Content Turn-Around

If you are a website owner or a blogger, you know that search engines rank websites that turn around content speedily or in a regular manner. WordPress has a simple yet powerful text editor that helps you to create killer content that is both engaging and informative.

Faster Loading Time

As the mobile internet becomes more and more popular site speed has become one of the most important metrics when rating the user experience of a site. Slow loading sites often get demoted in rankings as they offer users a frustrating experience which Google does not want.

If a website takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, a high percentage of visitors tend to abandon the site there and then. Even if you are doing everything as directed by your site’s SEO strategy and yet fail to take measures that make your website speedy, you are in for a huge loss. However, WordPress speed optimization plugins can help you resolve this.

Note: Take it easy on the plugins even though they can be helpful using too many will have your site becoming sluggish and can even see plugins logic clashing with one another.

For more on site, speed recommendations check out these posts

SEO-Friendly Themes

WordPress takes the technical know how out of setting up a site as skilled developers are constantly creating templates that you can and configure with SEO-friendly features that have been optimized for speed and performance. To find out more about SEO friendly themes check out some of the best SEO-friendly themes for 2018.

In conclusion

WordPress offers a low barrier to entry solution that can be scaled up fairly easily for your average lead generation site. The way it has been developed has kept content in mind and with its main strength derived from it being a blogging platform.

WordPress’s open-source nature has helped the platform grow as an SEO-friendly website builder as the community responds to changes in the search algorithms and environment so you don’t have to keep up with all the technical trends and can purely focus on updating your site and generating content.

Here’s How You Win Online With SEO

Equipping yourself with the right skills of generating revenue online is not only important but also necessary. There are many ways you can spur revenue online either through creating your own online business or by implementing products and services such as online marketing.

A good start would be developing a website and getting it SEOd. Search Engine Optimization is a business’s best friend, and there are a number of SEO tools that will help you to get your website noticed by search engines. However, SEO is about more than just blog articles, keywords, and linkbacks, in order to make the most of what the web has to offer, you need a solid SEO strategy, the spray and pray technique has never worked in this industry and it never will.

Search Engine Optimization is the fine-tuning process intended to maximize the number of visitors who come to your website but things have changed over the years. Google which one of the major search engines is constantly upgrading their algorithms to better understand user queries, the emphasis has been on user satisfaction.  Unfortunately, the unethical use of black hat SEO techniques like faking organic results by seeding keywords into irrelevant content is the thing of the past.

Get your SEO right if you want to get attention from search engines. Many believe that SEO is dead but as SEO Analyst I’m here to tell you that SEO is alive and well and whilst you spending time building your brand, identity, marketing strategy and get your SEO right and you stand to benefit enormously. SEO plays a vital role in scaling up sales and overall web presence success.


We Are Playing It Safe With SSL – Be Secured

Our website is now secured meaning that you can browse through with confidence. It is a pleasure for us to inform our website visitors that our website is now secured and encrypted with an SSL certificate. This took a long time to decide on and it was a serious decision since it comes with extra costs.

Why Should You Get an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is like one of the most important aspects of online security for both the owner of the website and the end user. Adding that extra layer of security to your website increases the value of your online brand.

Rankings and Security Holding Hands

HTTPS is now carrying weight as a ranking factor, because security is a top priority for major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. So in simple words, websites using SSL Certificates are likely to benefit in search results because by having an SSL certificate you don’t only increase the confidence of the users but that of search engines as well.

If you don’t have an SSL Certificate for your website yet, then there’s every good reason to go out and get one now especially if you want to be taken seriously online.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.

This section is quoted from GlobalSign, follow the link to read more on SSL Certificates


List of South African Business Directories

There are several online business directories in South Africa offering listings and all types of services related to online advertising. Online Business Directories vary in quality and content. A good business directory needs to have a high ranking over engines to make a prominent effect online which includes images, contacts information, business description and business URL

Not all business directories are useless and based on misleading advertising some are legitimate and useful for listing local business and boosting them an online presence. In this article, we will be checking out the best South African business directories for your company’s success.

Klaasic Biz Directory

Klaasic Biz Directory for small businesses in South Africa. Klaasic Biz Directory is an Online Magazine, that has a business directory feature for local businesses.

Hotfrog Business Directory

Hotfrog is a commercial web directory providing websites categorized topically and regionally. It is an international business directory which operates in 38 countries around the globe.

Entrepo Online Business Magazine

Entrepo Small Business Magazine provides you with exciting articles about everything business related. It is an online business magazine and business directory

Activeweb Online Business Directory

This is a South African Business directory. It relatively new but one of the best web directories when it comes to functionality. It offers free and premium options such as featured/highlighted listings at very low prices

Cylex Business Directory

The Cylex Business Directory is an online business-directory in form of a community portal. It is very popular and it has been one of the premium business directories in South Africa in a very short space of time

Yellosa Business Directory

YelloSa Business Directory has over 800 000 company listings, with new company registrations and customer reviews on a regular basis.

Brabys South African Business Directory

Brabys is a long-established specialist business directory. This South African business directory site offers free business listings.

Sayellow’s Business Directory 

saYellow’s business directory is one of the biggest South African Business directories and it has been online since 1997. It also offers free business listing to local businesses.


MyCityInfo is a free business directory for all South African businesses. We have a soft spot for small businesses that are so small they cannot afford a website but need to have an online presence

YALWA Business Directory

Yalwa business directory is your one-stop source for local business listings. It is an excellent resource for locals who want information about local businesses in their neighbourhood, area or city.




Guest Blogging Is Alive and Kicking

guest blogging

Guest blogging is a way that is used to increase traffic to websites through fresh quality content and links. A guest blogger would contribute content to other blogs within the same niche and get a link to his or her blog. Many sites accept guest blogging posts because it’s hard to produce a steady supply of fresh content, which is one of the reasons why KlaasiCorner accept guest posts.

Guest Blogging can be used as a content marketing strategy, but each strategy starts with a plan, so with guest blogging, you need to go about it in the right way and you have to choose your targets carefully. Being in the industry, I know that guest blogging is looked down upon but if done correctly it shouldn’t have any problems. Guest blogging is still an effective tactic to build online popularity.

Finding Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Finding blogs that accept guest posts is by far the hardest part of the guest blogging process. There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect guest blog such as the citation score, trust score domain authority and so much more. However, here is a list of keywords that you can use when searching for guest blogging websites;

“[keyword]” + “write for us”

“[keyword]” + “guest post”

“[keyword]” + “blogging guidelines”

“[keyword]” + “guest article”

“[keyword]” + “guest article opportunities”

“[keyword]” + “guest post opportunities”

“[keyword]” + “guest blog opportunity”

“[keyword]” + “guest post by”

“[keyword]” + “contributing writer”

“[keyword]” + “guest writer”

“[keyword]” + “guest blog submission”

“[keyword]” + “submit guest blog ”

“[keyword]” + “guest column”

“[keyword]” + “contribute to our site”

“[keyword]” + “guest post written by”

“[keyword]” + “suggest a blog post”

“[keyword]” + “guest post written by”

“[keyword]” + “submit an article”

“[keyword]” + “contributor guidelines”

“[keyword]” + “guest blog post wanted”

“[keyword]” + “blogger wanted”

“[keyword]” + “writer wanted”

“[keyword]” + “article wanted”

“[keyword]” + “blog post needed”

“[keyword]” + “article needed”

“[keyword]” + “writer needed”

“[keyword]” + “accepting guest posts”

“[keyword]” + “post written by” + “[familiar writer/link builder]”

“[keyword]” + “become a guest blogger/guest writer”

“[keyword]” + “guest author”

“[keyword]” + “submit article”

Build up your Career as a PHP Developer in 2018

When it comes to building a career in web development then, PHP is the major choice of many individuals. PHP is the most trending these days in the job market and grows at a rapid pace which brings a great deal for the users to get job opportunities. There are various IT or MNC companies in India, which offers the PHP Jobs vacancies every day to young talent. If you are deciding to go into the limelight of PHP, then you must possess some additional skills and knowledge in order to sustain the best opportunity in such a competitive market.

Many large web platforms are built by using PHP language including Facebook, WordPress, and many others. It is easy to learn a language with basic OOP concept. The one who has strong knowledge of OOP subject can easily start a career in development by acquiring this language. This job profile is much trendy and is going to cater many of the seekers in making a great form of PHP language.  There are several different editors, framework, and tools available for the help of the developers. Candidates need to grab knowledge of all these in order to make a successful career.

What education required starting a career in web development?

A bachelor degree in computer science or related information technology field is required to start a career in development. Course in computer science includes knowledge of different programming languages, web designing, database etc. which all are essential to enter in this field. Some additional certificates in web development or database may help in getting best opportunity.

How much can entry-level developers earn?

An average salary for an entry-level web developer is around Rs. 204025 annually which is influenced by the experience and qualification. One can earn good amount of salary even by doing work as a freelancer. After gaining, few years of experience one can earn a good salary and also can get a higher post of manager or team leader.

Benefits to learn PHP for making a career in Development:

There are various benefits of learning PHP language, which attracts many candidates towards it.

  • Easy to learn
  • User-Friendly
  • Efficiency in programming
  • Supports All of the Leading Databases
  • Free of Cost
  • Familiarity with Syntax
  • Platform Independent
  • Speedy
  • Secured

These are some of the benefits to learning PHP as a core language for developing.

Candidates with all the additional skills and qualification can make a great deal by grabbing the best job opportunity in the top companies. It’s the high time for any developer to gain jobs because PHP developer is trending at a very great pace. Also if any candidate has above-mentioned skills, it will result in a very positive note. Make sure you need to be in the limelight with sufficient equipped knowledge as well as tactics to counter the hurdles. If any applicant wants to make a career in PHP Developer profile, they can simply visit the major job portals and deal in great jobs by searching and applying for the same.

Seo Services Can Improve Your Ranking

Are you considering using search engine optimization services to improve your business’s ranking? SEO is an excellent way to make your website more evident to visitors and generate new or unique traffic to your products and service. Search Engine Optimization has long-term benefit and is a great investment in your site’s future value. Like any other marketing method, SEO isn’t magic, but it provides a business visibility, branding, web traffic, a high ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behaviour. It is an investment in your business as it drives pre-qualified traffic to your website, this is the kind of an investment that can push your online presence up to new levels.

SEO services can make all the difference

Using search engine optimization services has so many attractive benefits that will put your business on the map. An effective SEO strategy can boost your ranking on search engines. Here’s how this can work for your business:


Higher SEO rankings lend credibility to your business. SEO is critical to proving that your site is worthy of being trusted by Google. If it comes recommended by a search engine, it must be good, which means more visitors will find your pages in search results. With wider exposure and traffic to your high-value content, more sites will link to your pages.


This may seem obvious, but the higher you rank on search engines, the more visibility you get. Even if people don’t click the link to your site, seeing at near the top of their search results means they will mentally note your name or brand. If they frequently see your business name while they’re online, they will come to recognise you as a well-standing and prolific name.

Increased traffic to your site

With increased visibility and credibility, however, more people are likely to click your link and visit your site. Most websites get the majority of their new visitors from searches and not through casual browsing, which means that you want your brand to be one of the first names they see in a search. Increased traffic to your sites means even more exposure and more sales or actions for your business.

Easily adaptable and fluid

If your business model changes and you start marketing to a different audience, for example, you can easily keep your SEO rank high. SEO terms and standards are constantly changing, meaning that you can (and should) keep your SEO content fresh and relevant.

Where to start?

SEO Tools

For any business around the world, search engine marketing is offered by the city’s top SEO providers. You don’t need to stress about managing your SEO, simply partner with an experienced SEO services provider to improve your ranking. Did you find this useful and interesting? Share it with others.

Keep Up With Content Creation For Your Business

Content Creation

If you are struggling with content creation for your business, then  there are many ways of getting this done, for an example, there are content marketers who will manage this for you and that is from copywriting to getting it published. The first thing, though, is to understand why your business needs content and the kind of content that you need. This is known as your online tone, so to get this right, your online strategy, goals and objectives need to aligned . In online marketing terms, content is the information directed towards and consumed by an end-user or audience. It can include blogs, the words on your website, social media posts, and YouTube videos. Two good reasons to pay attention to the quality of your content are:

  • Quality content attracts followers – it is the fuel that drives website visitors. Content marketing helps to create and post content that is compelling and attractive to your target audience. Social media is where you will find a lot of potential customers, which is why it is important to create content that is perfect for social sharing.
  • Content can also help to establish thought leadership – to be seen as a leader in your industry you need to show users what you can do.  With a strong content strategy you can position your brand at the very top.

Outsource your content creation to content creating agencies

You can easily outsource your website marketing and content creation to local online marketing firms that specialise in content creation. With changing search engine algorithms and new developments in technology, search engine optimisation (SEO), web content creation, social media and quality content marketing is an ever-evolving process.  If you want to have an active and successful web-presence that drives traffic to your website, grows your client base and increases revenue, and you don’t have the skills and resources in-house, it is good to know that there are experts willing to take responsibility for your Internet marketing success.

Speak to a content marketer

Content creation should be a priority for any online business. It is no secret that without content, your online lead generation and conversion performance will suffer. You don’t have to do it yourself. Speak to an expert content marketer who will help you to create a content marketing strategy that is effective and creative.