Plan Your Valentine’s Romantic Getaway Early With These 5 Travel Tips

Currently thinking of a special anniversary surprise for your wife? When planning a getaway, think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime memory with her. However, creating an itinerary, travelling an unknown place and clinging to a budget, resulting for you and your partner’s romance taking a back seat to practicality. But regardless of the struggles of travelling,  it’s not that really problematic to find a little flirtation on the road.

You don’t really need to allow weeks organizing the perfect trip or hiring a foreign hotel staff to leave rose petals on your bed. You can definitely spice up your romance with on the budget and unique ways to add some excitement to your vacation.

Stay Away From Large Crowds

There are numerous popular romantic places that are not really romantic as they are in movies, pictures, and even on your imaginations. For instance, is the great Eiffel Tower that many couples have on their bucket list. In reality, you wouldn’t really see a movie or jewelry commercial that portrays its main characters to wait in line for 45 minutes before paying 12 euros per person to ride a congested elevator to the top, or someone bending on one knee holding a diamond ring at the foot of the monument in the middle of hundreds of noisy, aggressive tourists taking photos of each other as the fake to hold the tower with their hands.

But if you and your partner don’t mind that, then France’s popular building is worth the visit. But if you feel that the two of you would like a private moment away from the long queue and expensive entrance fees, you can try strolling around the historic Montmartre neighbourhood and head over to one of the cafes for a relaxing cafe au lait and a crepe. If you hate massive crowds then do some research so you’ll get ready for whatever you can expect from your trip before undertaking a romantic excursion to a well-known tourist site. For a more personal experience together, find some of the not-so-famous museums and places or you can arrange a low-season of early-morning weekday visits to spots that normally draw crowds.

Organize a Romantic Arrival at the Hotel

If you really want to impress your partner and surprise her even more, you can set arrangements with a local hotel to have the room prepared for your arrival. You can have flower petals scattered on the bed in the shape of a heart. You can hire performers to play a piece of romantic music and have some champagne with your love. Hotels can take care of this, so need to worry about it!

Create a Home Away From Home

Most of the time, this is more romantic than staying in a luxurious, expensive hotel room where you have to tip the staff or keep your valuables in a safe. You can opt for self-catering housings instead, which comes with cottage-style accommodations, and vacation rentals, that normally have kitchens and living areas that tend to be cheaper than inns or hotels. This type of stay is very romantic since it stirs up a cosy, close and intimate retreat in an unfamiliar destination. After enjoying a long day of sightseeing, you can return to your short-term residence and cook your own meals and loosen up and have some bottle of local wine on the balcony with your partner. Instead of using the cash to go to that pricey hotel bar, you can save it for buying fresh ingredients at local markets and prepare your own special recipe.

Opt for Family-Friendly Resort

The factors that come with most family resorts and cruises are meals with huge sea animals, gigantic waterslides and hundreds of kids running around, tend to restrain adult’s romance time. However, if you’re a parent and have your kids with you, then this might be more suitable for you all. There are many family-friendly vacations that provide unique, affordable opportunities for you and your spouse to have a valuable one-on-one time: systematic childcare programs and activity centres. You and your partner will not only benefit from this romantic getaway, but your children will also.

There are plenty of cruise lines such as Princess Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Cunard, and many more that offers cheap kids’ programs where professional childcare staff look after children while parents can relax at the spa or dine out. Rates for these kinds of group childcare more affordable than hiring private babysitting services. You won’t get any feeling of guilt-free, kid-free romance because your children will surely enjoy a blast on their vacation with entertaining programs and enriching destination activities such as surfing lessons or nature walks.

Simply Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Although seeing famous tourist sites and take pictures the whole day is totally great and can be really tiring, nothing compares in taking the time to stay in and enjoy your peaceful time together. The best suggestion we can give you here is to book a romantic couple massage for you and your wife. With all those walking during the day, go ahead and lay side by side and have a light conversation.

With that being said, you don’t really have to waste all of your money just to give the most perfect romantic getaway for your wife. A simple yet meaningful romantic trip that you both can enjoy is enough to show her how special she is to you. Make sure that you let her know in advance so she knows if she needs to take time off work and she is free to go. You may plan everything at least a month early so nothing goes wrong complicated.

South Africa Tourist Attractions: V&A Waterfront

V&A Waterfront

The Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront in Cape Town is situated on the Atlantic shore, Table Bay Harbour, the City of Cape Town and Table Mountain.In simple words, it is in the heart of Cape Town. The V&A Waterfront has been trading in the city of Cape Town for approximately 26 years now and it is one of the most visited destinations in Cape Town. The V&A Waterfront currently has over 450 retail outlets spread out over 11 shop precincts.

The beauty of this lovely place is that it has a festive line-up of activities for children to enjoy during their summer vacation and it has an attractive layout, with everything easy to find like the yachts and ferries rest along the banks of a busy harbor, stellar views of the Atlantic Ocean. As you walk around the V&A Waterfront you find street performers in each corner, giving the Cape Waterfront a lively, attractive atmosphere

The V&A Waterfront is not only the major tourist attraction in Cape Town but it’s also one of the greatest historical landmarks and South African success story. V&A Waterfront is a constant buzz of activity; hence it is known as the excitement and activity hub of Cape Town loved by tourist and locals alike.

Here are some of the things you can find at the V&A Waterfront;

  • Cape Quarter
  • Cape Wheel
  • Oceans Aquarium
  • Springbok Experience Rugby Museum
  • South African Maritime Museum
  • Museum of Gems & Jewellery

Here are some things you can do at the V&A Waterfront;

  • Cruise the canals
  • Shimansky Diamond Tour
  • helicopter ride
  • Bicycle Tours
  • Boat Trips


Most Treasured Islands of Mediterranean Europe

Majorca in Spain

The famous Mediterranean region offers the holiday experience fit for all types of travelers. Whether you wish to relax on a white sandy beaches, or you’d rather explore unspoiled nature and unique sights, the islands of the Mediterranean are a beloved destination that offers diversity and unforgettable experiences. The region is well known for its wide array of cultural and historical sights, along with more that 200 islands that offer unspoiled flora and fauna and amazing gastronomical delights. We will introduce you to few of the most popular islands and their attractions.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini in Greece

Credit – Mariamichelle

Being one of the the top destinations in Greece, this magical, crescent-shaped island is located in the Aegean Sea. Once the location of a large volcanic eruptions in history, is transformed today into one of the most romantic and intriguing European island resorts. Small villages offer incredible traditional architecture, with Santorini being the only volcano cauldron in the world that remains inhabited. If you wish to enjoy the white sandy beaches, stay in Kamari or Perissa. But to experience the true life of the locals, visit some of the small villages on top of the cliffs, such as Fira, Firostefani or Imerovigli. These are filled with little shops and cafes, while the beach remains easily reachable by a daily bus route. For those who wish to escape the stress of everyday activities and enjoy some peace and quiet, Monolithos is recommended.

Majorca in Spain

Majorca in Spain

Credit – Walkerssk

Majorca is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, famous for being a dynamic holiday destination with a beautiful choice of restaurants and sites to visit. You might want to start with a visit to the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, a very modern and stylish city. Busy restaurants, numerous cafes and thriving nightlife, along with historical sights and the incredible Gothic cathedral, followed by a walk down the beach will make a well rounded holiday experience. As for active travelers, cycling along the Tramuntana mountains and sailing along the beautiful coastline is highly recommended. To immerse yourself into the history of Mallorca, visit numerous monasteries and sanctuaries situated on Majorca.

Hvar in Croatia

Hvar in Croatia

Credit – Silberfuchs

Hvar in Croatia is an incredibly beautiful island, famous for high number of sunny days per year and crystal clear sea. It can be easily reached by local yacht charter and water taxi. With a very rich historical heritage, dating back to 6000 BC, it’s becoming a highly desired travel destination, offering a true taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Stroll through the picturesque landscapes of the Hvar shore or visit vineyards and orchards scattered throughout the island. Not to be missed are the sights of Hvar Town. Start with a climb to the Fortress overlooking the entire island, continue to the Old town and see the Franciscan Monastery and its museum. You can finish this tour by watching the sunset from the charming St. Stephen’s Square. But don’t forget to pick up a lavender souvenirs and try lavender

Family Friendly Attractions In Cape Town

Family vacations are the best for any family and should be done every once in a while. They give a family the opportunity to spend quality time and do things that they love away from your normal routine and from daily disruptions.

There are so many attractive family destinations around the world created to give your family the best time away from home, it makes it very difficult to choose the perfect destination for your family. My favourite family-friendly destination is Cape Town, as there is so much to do. I will be high pointing two of my favourite family-friendly attractions in the Mother City.

Ratanga Junction

A family theme park situated in Milnerton on Century City Boulevard opposite Canal Walk Shopping Center. As many people know, Cape Town has a very windy but warm climate, and this amazing theme park will help your whole family to cool down on one or more of the warm summer days in classical style
Visitors can enjoy fun rides as there are numerous rides for children and for the entire family. Ratanga Junction has rides designed to cater for families with children aged from the ages of three years

The Cape Town Science

The Cape Town Science Centre is an educational facility that uses effective approaches to teach science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Their mission is to inspire curious minds and to develop inquiring mindset by expose children and the youth to positive and new experiences. Helping the youth to cope under the rapidly changing technological environment is their main goal and giving them opportunity to improve their life skills.

They have holiday programmes like the summer science holiday programme. Which is great because it helps children be active, resilient and creative. It gives young people to be in a positive and fun learning environment

How To Get Your Keyword Research Right

Keywords or key phrases are the core of each and every online marketing campaign. They are also the heartbeat behind the strategy of the campaign therefore it needs to be done right the first time otherwise a wrong keyword research might jeopardize the whole online marketing campaign.

Here are some steps to make sure that your keywords research is on point.
Objective and Target Audience – Make sure that you understand the overall objective of the campaign and the target audience.

Initial Keyword List – From there you can then start with your initial list of keywords.
Keywords Brainstorming – It is also important to do some brainstorming which will help you to get to your ultimate keywords for the campaign.

Keyword Research Tool – There are many keyword research tools on the internet and you can choose any tool that will work for you, like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder and the Moz Keyword Explorer. There are many more out there and once you have found the tool that you would like to use then you start to research the initial list you have created.

Keyword Allocation – As soonas you have found your keywords for your campaign, then you can start with your keyword allocation for your landing pages.

Keywords in Content – Then you can start incorporating your keywords into your content.
Remember that a keyword research is the foundation of your campaign and it can make or break your online marketing campaign.

A good keyword research includes a competitor analysis and industry keywords analysis. Any question on keywords research contact me Lelo Patience Klaas via email

Why You Should Visit Dubrovnik

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive destinations in the Dalmatian region of the Mediterranean Sea. This ancient sea port has many historic and cultural monuments that reveal the impact of many civilizations right from the 7th century. In this UNESCO World Heritage site you will find a large number of ancient relics of the Gothic and Baroque civilization. If you are planning to visit Europe, here are some of the interesting tourist sites that will inspire you to visit Dubrovnik once and again.

Bokar Fortress

Old Town

Credits to: Marokin from Pixabay

Located at the western tip of the old city of Dubrovnik, the Bokar Fortress stands as the oldest casemented fortress in Europe. Built by the renowned renaissance Italian architect, Michelozzo di Bartolomeo in1460, the fort served as a major defense structure for the Pile Gate at the western end of the city. This impressive cylindrical fort still stands on an isolated rock that permits water to flow under it. Today Bokar Fortress is a famous venue for the 45-day Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Dubrovnik City Walls

Old City Walls

Credits to: JacekAbramowicz from Pixabay

These walls are one the best preserved medieval fortifications in Europe and are placed on UNESCO world heritage list in 1979. In the 13th century, the walls surrounded the entire city and they continued to be reinforced and maintained until the 16th century. The wall is 6 meters thick and 24 meters tall. Presently, you can still see up to 2km of this wall with imposing gates and forts, including the Pile Gate which was constructed with Gothic architecture in 1537.

The Minceta Tower

City Roofs

Credits to: JacekAbramowicz from Pixabay

Just like the Eiffel Tower is an icon of Paris, the Minceta Tower, a huge cylindrical fort in the north west of the city, is an icon of Dubrovnik. Initially built as a rectangular fort in early 1300s, the tower was later transformed into a round tower by Michelozzo, after the Ottoman Turkish empire came into power in 1453. If you can navigate its 750 steps to the top, you will be able to see amazing aerial views of the old city of Dubrovnik.

The Fransciscan Monastery

Widely acclaimed as an architectural masterpiece of the Romanesque-Gothic era, the Fransciscan Monastery is a unique edifice built by Milige Brajkov. It originally had lofty ceiling paintings and bestiary motives before it was destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 1667. In this location in 1317, the 3rd oldest pharmacy and the only ancient pharmacy still working was opened. Right now, you can still see the old ceramics, inventories, bowls, laboratory equipment, and old medical books in the reconstructed monastery, which now serves as a museum.

Lokrum Island

City Walls

Credits to: Fjaka from Pixabay

About 600 meters from Dubrovnik’s ancient harbor, within the Adriatic Sea, you will see the small but beautiful Lokrum Island – a unique uninhabited nature reserve. The island derives its name from the Latin name for sour fruit (acrumen); it was given this name because of the large number of citrus fruit trees that grow there. The history of the island dates back to 1023 when the Benedictine monks built a monastery there. The island has had various owners through the ages but it was Maximilian of Habsburg that decided to turn it into a nature reserve in 1859. Today, you can see so many citrus fruit trees, oak trees, pine and cypress trees scattered among the ruins of the Benedictine monastery, where majestic peacocks are the main inhabitants of the island. This island is accessible by taxi-boat or by several rent a yacht services from Dubrovnik.

Scenic Beaches and the Adriatic Sea

The beaches of this city are praised for their warm crystal clear sea water and their high scientific quality based on EU specifications. The Adriatic Sea also has clear blue water and it is a popular place for sea kayaking and other water sports. The three main beaches – Copacabana, Lapad Bay and Banje are open to the public and they offer a calm, warm, soothing experience under the Mediterranean sun. At each beach, you have restaurants, cafes, tennis courts, playgrounds for kids, swimming pools, and kayaks, canoes and other water sports equipment for rent.

Those are just a few of the many tourist sites worth visiting and experiencing in Dubrovnik. Since this city contains most of the historic treasures of Croatia, you will not be able exhaust the the number of tourist destinations in a single trip.

Top Things To Do And Experience In Hong Kong

View from the Victoria Peak Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, also know as The Pearl of the Orient, is an attractive modern city located in the independent region of a former British colony consisting of three main territories: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and the New Territories. Not only is the city blessed with beautiful natural attractions, but it is also the place where modern meets traditional. Floating islands, unique skyline, ancient temples, traditional Chinese architecture and city gardens are some of the beautiful features that will bring you closer to the culture and lifestyle of this wonderful place.

View City From Victoria Peak

Viewing the city from the popular vantage point Victoria Peak is one of the most known tourist attraction. Victoria Peak is the highest building in Hong Kong, measuring impressive 552m. From the top of it you will see beyond the mountains to the other side of the city, amazing skyline, Hong Kong islands, Kowloon’s eight mountains, Victoria Harbor as well as everything else you have heard about this city. Reaching the Peak is not a problem as most common method is by 7 minute ride on the Peak Tram, also known as the world steepest railway. Of course, if you decide to visit Victoria Peak at night, experience will be entirely new and different.

Ride The Star Ferry

Star Ferry, Hong Kong

credits to:

Riding the Hong Kong star ferry is one of the must do thing while exploring this city. For 129 years and still counting, Star Ferry boats have been used to transport passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. Even though both sides of Victoria Harbor are now connected with roads and rails, people still chose to use this method of transportation and relax while taking a closer look at one of the most beautiful harbors in this part of the world. The shortest exploration while floating on the calm waters takes about 7 minutes and it will cost you affordable $0.25.

Visit Historic Temples Around The City

10 thousand buddhas monastery

Credits to:

For visitors more interested in heritage and tradition, many historic temples in Hong Kong are definitely worth visiting for their cultural and architectural significance. One of such temples is Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Tsz). This famous Buddhist temples and popular tourist attractions is home for around 13.000 carefully crafted ceramic statuettes of Buddha, even more than the name of the monastery suggests. Another impressive cultural site is Po Lin monastery, located on Lantau Island is worldly most famous for its 34m tall bronze statue of seated Buddha. Impressive architectural sites are located within the monastery as well such is main shrine and temple garden.

Taste Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine

Dim Sum

Dim Sum Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for huge amount of street food vendors known as Dai pai dong, open air food stall located all around this city. Dai pai dong are well known for offering variety of modern and traditional Chinese dishes at affordable prices. You might not be familiar with majority of food offered at the menus, but feel free to taste and explore this authentic dining experience of Hong Kong. If eating in restaurants is more of your thing, than be sure to give Dim Sum a try, as translated name of this dish would be “to touch your heart”. It certainly sounds promising. The meals are vast and steamed in advance and stored in amazing clean bamboo baskets while being displayed around the restaurants – encouraging people to experience this traditional and unique meal during their vacation in Hong Kong.

Experience Traditional Massage

Experience Traditional Massage

Credits to:

Massage in Hong Kong has a long tradition. It is a discipline that has been practiced and perfected through centuries, passed from generation to generation. Traditional Hong Kong massage is popular way of relaxation both among locals and tourists as well. Classical spa’s and parlors are located all around the city, and since massage there is considered healing method just as much as method of relaxation, the city has a very strict licensing policy for becoming a masseur.

All these are just a few suggestions for experiencing Hong Kong first hand. Of course, impressive city like this holds plethora of sites and places for any type of tourists to enjoy, weather you are interested in sightseeing, history sites, nature parks, modern urban centers or just want to enjoy shopping – Hong Kong has a lot to offer. Its unique fusion of East and West, traditional and modern makes it unique and interesting place to explore.

Three Must See Destinations in South Africa

South African wildlife

South Africa has beautiful landscapes and features with legendary Wildlife which  includes the famous Big Five. South Africa is a holiday destination where you can experience the best of Africa. This beautiful country is famous for its former president, Nelson Mandela, the Kruger National Park and it’s diverse culture. When you visit South Africa here are some places you need to see.

The Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park which is in the Limpopo Province is the place for animal and nature lovers. There is a vast array of flora and fauna. You will be able to drive round the park yourself and spot animals or take a safari with a guide who will hopefully find all those glorious animals that you have been longing to see in the wild.

The Cradle of Humankind

The Cradle of Humankind is just on the outskirts of Johannesburg in Krugersdorp and is limestone caves. In these caves fossils have been discovered that date back to the birth of humankind. The most famous fossil is Mrs Ples which is a skull that is 2.1 million years old. See where we came from and tour through the caves with a guide and discover things that you may not have known.

The Garden Route

The Garden Route stretches from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape all the way to storms River in the Eastern Cape. Here you can see over 300 bird species, coral reefs, seals, dolphins and other creatures of the land. There are reserves dotted all over the Garden Route and Plettenberg Bay is the place to go to spot whales.


These are just a few places that South Africa has to offer and each place you go, you will not be disappointed with the nature and the sites. Everything has a story and something to marvel at.

Cape Town Adventure Holiday

Cape Town South Africa

South Africa is the place to visit for those that love adventure, wildlife, nature and breath-taking landscapes. South Africa is a large country and it can be difficult for visitors to know the best places to go especially if you are new to the country. Here is a list of some places that tourists and even locals should look at going for a holiday. This is a travel guide to some of the best that this country has to offer.

Cape Town: The Mother City

In Cape Town you will need to visit Table Mountain, which is a mountain that has a flat top that you will be able to look out from over the city of Cape Town. The climb to the top of the mountain can be strenuous but you are able to get a cable car. The view from the top is magnificent and it will not disappoint and you will be able to feel the sea breeze which will cool you down after your hike.

The Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula in Cape Town is wonderful for those who love a good hike in nature. Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope is in the Table Mountain National Park and has untouched nature that you will fall in love with. During the spring and the summer, you may be lucky enough to see the Southern Right whales and all year you will be able to see the colony of African penguins at Boulders Beach.

The Robben Island

If you are lover of history then a trip to Robben Island is the place to be and was once a prison to political offenders during the Apartheid era and was once the prison of former South African president Nelson Mandela. You will be able to get a true sense of what these people went through on a tour of the prison.