Medical Health Care in South Africa

Medical health in South Africa is one of the main issues that we have to face on a day to day bases as South Africans. Public hospitals and clinics are overwhelmingly full while private medical care is skyrocketing expensive.  Around 80% of South Africans use public healthcare, while other people take out private health insurance schemes, which range from basic emergency service cover to full medical plans. The benefits of medical aid can be best appreciated when you need it most. However, you need to understand what your medical aid cover offers. Trust me, understanding medical aid benefits can be tricky at times.

Understanding Medical Aid Benefits

  • Day to Day Benefits is the day to day medical care provided to you and your family by a medical practitioner. These benefits usually include GP visits, specialist services, basic radiology, pathology, allied health services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy.
  • Hospital Benefits is the hospitalisation medical care provided to you and your family. This includes hospital stay, nurse’s services, medically necessary medications, X-rays, supplies, appliances, and equipment the hospital provides

With private healthcare you can either have a hospital cover that has day to day benefits or a hospital cover. It’s very important that you understand your plan and what it provides