Do Uterine Fibroids really affect fertility?

While they may be non-cancerous, uterine fibroids are by no means harmless. Aside from the prolonged menstrual bleeding, and painful sex, some women have experienced difficulty trying to conceive. Other times, fibroids can present complications during pregnancy. While fibroids have never been proved as a direct cause of infertility, they certainly are no friend so someone trying to get a baby in them.

Fibroids are benign growths which develop from the smooth muscular uterine tissue. These ‘tumors’ affect women of reproductive age and, contrary to popular belief, fibroids are not a condition of older women only. Symptom severity ranges greatly with some women blissfully unaware of their fibroids and others wholly conscious of the troublesome mini-masses inside their womb.

The most commonly reported symptoms are prolonged and excessive menstrual bleeding, heaviness and discomfort in the abdominal region, pain during sexual intercourse as well back and leg pain. This, coupled with difficulty falling pregnant can be a huge cause of stress in a woman’s life.

The impact of fibroids on fertility has a lot to do with where the fibroid is located. While fibroids that remain small and ‘out of the way’ aren’t likely to impact your chances of having children, some fibroids can have a massive impact on the ability to conceive and when pregnant, actually carry a baby to term. Gynaecologist & Endoscopic Surgeon Dr. Natalia Novikova says that while fibroids have many problematic side effects, the most feared is the possible impact on fertility. ‘They might sometimes reduce fertility significantly though this will depend predominantly on the location of the growth. Fibroids that grow in the uterine cavity and obstruct or weaken the uterine lining or block a woman’s fallopian tubes can negatively impact implantation and the chances of healthy conception’ says Dr. Novikova.

Fibroids reduce fertility in the following ways:

  • Fibroids that are located at the opening of the fallopian tubes can cause disruption to the fertilized egg’s journey to the womb. In severe cases, the fibroids make it impossible for the fertilized egg to implant.
  • Fibroids near the cervix can impact its shape, affecting the number of sperm cells that are able to pass through to the uterus.
  • The shape of the uterus can also be affected and as a result, the fertilized egg has less opportunity for implantation. The space available for development of the embryo can also be compromised as a result.

Seeking fibroids treatment may become necessary for a woman struggling to conceive. Some women opt to treat their fibroids prior to conceiving as the presence of fibroids can be a cause of concern during pregnancy as well. Pre-natal care needs to include continuous monitoring by your gynaecologist of the fibroid development during pregnancy. Sometimes, fibroids grow as the baby grows. This growth can be quite rapid as hormone levels surge during this time, causing fibroids that were once undetectable to become visible. Fibroids have been linked to miscarriage, pre-term delivery and even contributing to an abnormal position of the fetus. In some cases, the presence of fibroids makes a C-section unavoidable to avoid the risk of heavy bleeding after giving birth. Though the chances of fibroids complicating your pregnancy are low, it’s best to keep an eye out for anything untoward.

Fibroids are typically treated via surgery with the patients’ medical history and their baby-making plans being carefully considered before choosing an appropriate treatment. A hysterectomy is an obvious no-no for women still hoping to conceive and the less extreme myomectomy is also not ideal.  A myomectomy is a procedure to surgically remove fibroids whilst preserving the uterus. Though effective, a myomectomy carries the risk of reoccurrence with a 50% chance of regrowth within 10 months should any cells remain after the procedure. If you’re having your fibroids removed to improve fertility, this gives you a pretty short window of opportunity to fall pregnant. Surgical procedures carry the risk of trauma to the organ and a myomectomy is no exception as it is often being the cause of uterine scarring. The procedure can also impact the strength of the uterus. Uterine scarring can affect the chances of successful implantation whilst weaker uterine walls can compromise the ability of the uterus to carry a baby to term.

Thankfully, non-surgical alternatives do exist. Fibroid embolisation offers women a chance to treat their fibroids without jeopardising their chances of falling pregnant.  Interventional radiologist Dr. Andrew Lawson of the Fibroid Care initiative says that ‘Fibroids are one of the many causes for women being unable to fall pregnant’ and with fibroid embolisation ‘…the fibroids are starved of blood and no longer impact the ability of the womb to carry a baby.’

Fibroid embolisation makes use of x-rays, ultrasound technology and magnetic resource imaging (MRI) to provide effective results without the need for open surgery. The treatment is conducted through a tiny incision in the wrist or groin and has become the recommended treatment in developed regions, such as the UK, where the procedure is offered via the government healthcare system. Like any medical procedure, invasive or not, there are risks. Patients of embolisation could experience a catheter-related complication whereby a hematoma may occur at the site of the incision. There is also the risk of infection which is usually treatable with antibiotics. Though highly effective, a small risk of reoccurrence does exist, in which case embolisation or an alternative method will be conducted.

Dr. Lawson, who conducts the specialised procedure throughout Southern Africa, recommends that patients’ wait 4-6 months after embolisation before trying to conceive. He also goes on to advise that in cases where fibroids are detected after pregnancy, the procedure will only be possible 6-8 weeks after the end of pregnancy.

Although uterine fibroids are by no means pleasant, we urge you not to let the presence of useless lumps of muscular tissue get you down. As troublesome as they are, fibroids are also treatable. The important thing is to be aware of your body and address any concerns as soon as they surface. In doing so, you will ensure the healthiest possible environment for that little fertilized ovum. Fibroids may make the road to conceiving a little more exhausting but they won’t push you off the path completely so keep trying!

Online Sources:

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TEARS Foundation, founded in 2012 is a Registered NPO and PBO that uses technology innovatively in the scourge against domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. They have offices in Sandton, Gauteng Province.

Contact TEARS Foundation
Helpline:  *134*7355#
Landline: 010 590 5920
Fax: +27 (0) 86 520 0316

Rape Crisis Centre Cape Town

Rape Crisis Cape Town was established in 1976, the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust is the oldest organization in South Africa supporting the recovery of survivors, seeking justice and making a change in communities. They have offices in Observatory, Western Cape Province.

Contact Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

24 hr Crisis Line: 021 447 9762  

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Rape Crisis Centre Port Elizabeth

Rape Crisis Centre is a non-governmental organization who has been operating in the Port Elizabeth region since 1992. We are a non-profit organization (NPO) serving the needs of rape survivors, irrespective of racial, religious, gender or language backgrounds. They have Offices in Port Elizabeth

Contact Rape Crisis Centre PE

Tel: 041-484 3804

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All Rape Crisis Centres in South Africa or any group that helps rape survivors in SA, we plead with you to please contact us urgently so we can add your details our list of organizations. We are passionate about helping others, therefore, please help us to help others

Labia Contouring – This hottest surgical trend of the season?

Labiaplasty, or labia contouring as it is sometimes referred to, is a procedure which reduces or reshapes the labia. The labia is essentially the vaginal lips which cover the clitoris and the vaginal opening. Though there is no ‘standard’ when it comes to the shape and size of the labia, many women experience daily difficulty as a result of prolonged labia minora (inner) or majora (outer). Rectification of longer or asymmetrical labia can be conducted by means of a labiaplasty which is performed by a gynaecologist who is skilled in aesthetics or by a plastic surgeon.

Reasons that women opt to undergo labia contouring include discomfort during sexual intercourse & exercise as well as frequent infections and itchiness. Sometimes women simply wish to alter the area for purely cosmetic purposes, as they experience a severe lack of self-esteem and sexual confidence. If you are interested in what the procedure entails, a qualified professional will talk you through the process. Many specialists resolve to only perform the procedure if they feel there is an adequate need for it. Any surgical procedure has risks and should only really be considered if there is a valid reason.

The procedure, which is more commonly conducted on the labia minora, is performed under local anaesthetic in an operating room. There are a number of ways a labiaplasty is conducted, the most frequently used being the trim or curvilinear technique, V-labiaplasty or central wedge resection and the de-epithelisation technique. A labiaplasty can take up to two hours to complete and patients are usually able to go home after the anaesthetic has worn off. Discomfort when sitting and when urinating can be expected as well as bloody discharge and some moderate bruising. The numbness has also been reported through this is usually temporary. Patients are also to avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after the procedure.  The clitoral hood reduction may accompany the procedure as it is common for the clitoris to appear larger once the modifications to the labia have been made.

Women in South Africa are becoming increasingly interested in the treatment and as a result, access to a labiaplasty in Johannesburg and Cape Town is on the rise. It is essential that those looking to have the procedure done to consult with a qualified and experienced medical practitioner. The consequences of a poorly-executed surgical procedure are dire so avoid this by doing proper research and consulting with trusted specialists.

Labiaplasty treatment, among other aesthetic gynaecological treatments, is no stranger to controversy. Though it is important to acknowledge that labia can look very different and still be normal, women who seek to make small modifications to their labia should not be considered in a negative light. Taking control of your comfort and sexuality is empowering for a woman so should not be discouraged. Check out for more insight into the wonderful world of female labia and prepare to be amazed at just how inclusive the range of ‘normal labia’ is.

Recovering From Sexual Assault

Rape is a sexual offense that happens very often in all parts of the world. Many people are behind bars for this offense. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics, at least one in every five people has been sexually abused at some point in their lives. This is a heartbreaking fact that we all have to face. The numbers increase day after day, despite seminars, protests, and the creation of awareness against this vice.

Sexual assault may sound like a common offense for someone who has not experienced it. Nevertheless, the pain can be described as awful for the victims. This is because they not only need to recover from the physical pain but also deal with the aftermath. This is usually a tedious process that needs a shoulder to lean on. Having close friends, relatives, and confidants that can love and support you both emotionally and physically can help you recover from the trauma.

There is a myth that depicts females as the only victims of rape. However, people of all ages, including newborns as well as both genders can be assaulted sexually. Healing fully can take a long time, but it can be achieved. Here are some of the ideas that can help a victim to recover from trauma.

  • Accept it

Accepting that you were sexually abused at a certain period is the first step towards healing. Suffering from guilt and failing to accept that it surely happened does more harm than good. Hide in your closet and cry it out. Crying reduces emotional stress.

  • Open up to a person you trust

After accepting and dealing with your personal pain, open up to a close person. It is true that a problem shared is half solved. Pouring the pain and discussing it with someone that loves you can really give you a lot of relief. This person can support and encourage you through your journey to recovery.

  • Join a support group

Support groups are formed to help rape victims recover and lead normal lives. Joining one will open your eyes and make you realize that indeed you are not the only one. You will have a chance to meet other victims and share your experiences with them. Usually, members of support groups are encouraged to freely talk about their ordeals and feelings. This is definitely what you need to get over your past.

  • Get ready for flashbacks

Awful memories are what keep rape survivors from recovering fully. It is prudent to know that you must have such flashbacks so that you can prepare to deal with them. Trauma can lead to depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Try to avoid things or situations that will make you remember what happened. For example, if you were raped in the dark, avoid darkness as much as possible. In case you flashback and your body start showing danger signs like nausea, dizziness, and fast breathing, pacify yourself by calming down and taking deep slow breaths.

In conclusion, trauma can lead to very adverse effects when not dealt with correctly. Support is all you need to recover from sexual assault. However, you need to support yourself first.

Embrace Your Dark Side With Mavericks

Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club will be hosting a Halloween Party on the 27th October 2018 from 7 pm to 4 am. Embrace your dark side with as our witches eat you alive. This Halloween party will be nothing short of spectacular, our witches will be displaying fearful antics from the Bloody Martini Glass Dance to the Witches Coven and the Freddy Kruger Dance. There will also be an Initiation Ceremony for 20 New Sacrificial Virgins as the highlight of the night.

The house of evil will be transformed into the Graveyard, Witches Lair, and scenes from Children of the Corn and Nightmare on Elm Street.

The Special

  • A Free Witches Blood Cocktail on entrance, and free entrance for ladies dressed in Halloween attire.
  • A year’s Silver VIP membership, worth R4500 will be awarded to the best dressed human visitor.

Pay to get in. Pray to get out. The entrance fee is R100

Join us this Halloween for something different and exciting. Gather together your ghostly souls, dig out your inner demons and join Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club, the hottest Cape Town nightclub

Julius Malema – Facts You Need To Know About Him

He originates from Seshego

Julius Sello Malema today is a widespread name both globally and locally. Also listed among the anti-apartheid heroes, Malema was born to single domestic worker mom in Seshego, Limpopo on 3 March 1981. He attended Mohlakaneng High School and later 2010 joined the University of South Africa for a Diploma in Youth Development. Julius then enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and African languages and graduated in March 2016. Malema got married to the longtime love in 2014 and got one son.

Malema Began Controversies At a Tender Aage

The troublemaking Malema began his political advancements relatively early, at age nine when he joined the ANC movement, Masupatsela (Trailblazers). The primary duty involved illegally removing the National Party posters placed outside police stations. Malema got elected as both chairperson of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) Seshego branch and the regional chair in 1995. After two years, he became the chair of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) for the Limpopo province and became the national president in 2001.

Julius Records Many Ridicules

The many debated, socio-political statements from Malema make him a frequent target for ridiculing. For instance, he was quoted in 2003, saying that the student union got the determination to burn the prison Winnie Madikizela-Mandela got locked in to stop her detaining.

Also, he went viral globally in June 2008 declaring to wage war on supposed Jacob Zuma’s prosecutions about fraud and corruption. The remark drew widespread criticism and complaints. This remark from him made the ANC to moderately distance itself from his proclamation the following day.

He Has Allegations Too

Like any other politician, many corruption accusations have come handy to Malema. One is a report claimed by the media, City Press newspaper in July 2011 who mentioned the secret family trust and lavish lifestyle. The comments targeted Ratanang Family Trust, so-called after Malema’s five-year-old son. This company got certified a month barely after the election as the ANYCL president in Pretoria.

Also highlighted was the fact that many senior politicians, companies, mayors, contractors and municipal managers transacted thousands into the account. The findings were that the lavished amounts were in exchange for Malema supporting deals and pushing their agenda. But Malema reacted and disapproved the media for probing into his affluence.

Malema Got Suspended From ANC

On 16 August 2011, the ANC served charges to Julius Malema and Floyd Shivabmu, the spokesperson for the ANCYL. Both got charged with violating the ANC Constitution, for instance disgracing the ANC through the expressions and speeches on Botswana and propagating splitting up of the movement. The corrective trials were then fixed to start on 30 August and led to the suspension of the duo for three years.

He Is Against Denationalization

The suspension from the ANC triggered many political analysts to conclude that it meant the end of his political career. This came up since Malema relied on the past practice to get all agendas supported by the ANC. With the oath to fight against the incapacity of the South African government to launch domestic and international policies advantageous to the expansion of the country.

Malema Remain Radical In Seshego

The suspended duo created own political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters on 10 July 2013. Malema explained that the party came up with a new strategy against opposition parties like Agang South Africa. The parties primary objective lies on the unchanging land expropriation principles and nationalization of mines without compensation. The fiery youth leader still continues with his campaigns.


Cyberbullying: Facts About Internet Bullying

Nowadays, numerous people are using the internet for different purposes. Such purposes include online marketing, entertainment, communication, self-education, among many more. Nevertheless, there are people who misuse the internet and abuse others on social media. Have you ever woken up one morning only to find a negative story posted on social media about someone? Well, this is very common, especially among celebrities, politicians, and other public figures. Painting a bad impression about someone using electronic means is the ultimate definition of cyberbullying.

Bloggers are the biggest culprits that cyberbully others so as to seek attention for their posts. Bitter truth has it that readers love controversial posts, videos, and messages. Cyber harassment can take many forms. It can be a threat, an embarrassment, an allegation, or just any other abusive information. Cyberbullying affects people of all ages although teenagers are the most affected. They are the age group that spends the better part of their time on social media.

Cyberbullying is usually fun for the bully. However, it can be very fatal on the other end. Victims of this usually become suicidal or suddenly withdrawn from the public. A good example is when an employee has sex with his or her boss. When a video of them having sex leaks to the public, people respond to it differently. The biggest percentage will judge them harshly. No one wants to be the laughing stock, especially on social media. Cyberbullying has, over the years, left many victims internally wounded, marriages are broken, reputation spoiled, jobs lost, and self-esteem killed.

Many countries have taken cyberbullying as a topic of interest and are fighting against it. Measures have been set to curb this menace, although it is still ongoing. It is a crime to expose someone’s private life to the public. However, bloggers and other social media users still expose other people’s privacy for their own reasons. Most cyberbullies aim at soiling their victims’ reputation so as to destroy them in certain fields. Commonly, many competitors fight each other through cyberbullying. This usually happens when they send each other hurtful messages or spread rumors on social media platforms.

Research reveals that most cyberbullies, especially teenagers, are those that have once been abused in life. They abuse others in order to revenge and seek attention. Victims of cyberbullying are usually traumatized and do not easily get over it. Apparently, the internet never forgets. This makes recovery even harder for the bullied. Their psychology and general social lives are usually affected a great deal. On the other hand, the bullies usually seem to enjoy, especially when they completely put down the victim.

In conclusion, cyberbullying is one of the worst nightmares that should be eliminated fully. Taking advantage of someone’s vulnerability is not the best way to handle issues. More strict rules should be set to control the content that people post on social media. Huge penalties should be imposed on the culprits to ensure that other possible bullies are scared away. Furthermore, social media authorities should create awareness on cyberbullying and restrain people from posting offensive content.


Cape Town Luxury Accommodation – All You Need To know

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

Are you heading down to Cape Town soon for a business meeting, holiday or for other reasons well known to you? Among other stunning locations across the globe, Cape Town makes into the lists of some of the most alluring and inviting world destinations. Do you wonder the reason(s) behind this? Besides many other attractions such as the World Heritage Site that is Robben Island, a thriving coffee culture, and penguins in Simonstown among others, Cape Town is spectacularly located in between a levelled-off mountain and two oceans! These are some of the factors that

But as you head down to Cape Town (probably for a holiday vacation), the accommodation or a place to crash after a day out really matters especially if you are particular about luxury accommodation. But what does luxury accommodation actually entail? What are the characteristics and fine details make up luxury accommodation or that WOW-factor that surely makes your heart skip a beat? Is it the high-quality of room service offered? Is it the interior decoration? Or is it the high levels of exclusivity and exceptional dining?

Lately, the concept of luxury accommodation isn’t limited to the best or finest Russian caviar, the 1000-count-thread of sheets, gleaming bathroom tiles or legendary service. In fact, now more than ever, a couple of imaginative hotels and resorts are being developed globally from treetop hideaways to underwater hotels that are pushing the boundaries of luxury accommodation higher than ever imagined. Regardless of how much hotels try to innovate, there remain some “basic” requirements that they have to meet not only for purposes of ensuring that they make their experiences welcoming, but comforting to guests also.

When it comes to treating its guests to luxury accommodation, hotels, lodges, resorts, villas, and motels in Cape Town seem to have mastered the art of creating memorable experiences for their guests. Do Tea Sommeliers, Fragrance Butlers, and Pet Psychics somehow sound familiar to you? What about Private Pools, Private Butlers, Personal Shoppers, and Chauffeurs? The menu of ideas that hotels in Cape Town have in place to pamper and subsequently overwhelm their guests seem endless and are expected to get grander and even more outrageous in the coming years.

The number of hotels, villas, resorts, and lodges in Cape Town are uncountable. However, the need to stay relevant in the face of cut-throat competition that characterizes the hospitality industry is pushing a lot of them to the limit in terms of providing their guests with luxury accommodation. Nearly all of them have in a place free wireless connectivity, king-sized beds, private patios and Jacuzzi with some panoramic views across the city. In fact, some of them have gone ahead to include private movie theatre rooms, lounges, multilingual staff, smoking zones, fireplaces, and rooms decorated in tranquil colour tones.

So, are you heading to Cape Town soon? Are you particular about luxury accommodation during your stay? Besides Cape Town promising to offer you scenic views and plenty of other activities to do, luxury accommodation shouldn’t trouble you at all. With hotels doing everything to ensure that they remain relevant in the face of increased competition, you’ll be spoilt for choice regarding lodges, hotels, and resorts that offer luxury accommodation.

Moment Of Silence For Those In Friendzone

Being friendzoned means being romantically interested in someone who only sees you as nothing more than a friend. People usually come up with a long list of reasons behind being friendzoned, whereas sometimes a person might choose to keep you as a friend because they value the bond they have with you way too much to let be ruined by a relationship that might not even work. Think about it, once you cross the relationship lines going back is almost impossible. Being friendzoned is somewhat a blessing, because you get to be closer and get to know that particular person in a different way.

With that said, friendzone is tough and a very uncomfortable zone to be in, being in love with someone and being forced to settle for friendship instead of a relationship. Here are some ideas on how to remain strong in friendzone

  • Be calm, friendly and supportive.

  • Be that friend that they need and give them complete closeness.

  • Avoid acting jealous and possessive

  • Spend time together and do fun activities

  • Have a life of your own, try seeing other people while you are being a good friend, that will boost your morale.

  • Be positive and fun to have around. No one wants to surround themselves with life sucking, energy draining people.

One important thing to remember is that everything is about you so have fun and remain undefeated by being friendzoned, there’s so much to life than getting yourself worked up over petty temporal issues.

Cherish the good times and move on.

Things To Consider Before Getting Married

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions of your life and you need to be realistic when taking the decision to tie the knot. After the excitement and the magic of deciding to get married dies down a little, there’s important facts that both you and your partner will need to consider. A few have been listed below

Financial Stability

Nothing kills the spark in a marriage like financial problems. Financial issues are a true relationship killer and can often result in a divorce. Even though discussing finances might cause tension but it is better to make informed decisions than to find yourself living with a financial burden that might cost you sanity and the person you love.

Trust and Loyalty

Trust should be one of the core foundations of any marriage. When trust is broken in a marriage its foundation shakes and causes unhappiness which is not healthy for any relationship. There are many things that might result in loss of trust, some are big and some are small things. One thing to remember though is that you need to be honest at all times so your partner can learn to trust you at all times. Loss of trust in a marriage or committed relationship is one of the major reasons people end up separated.

Starting a family

Children are an important part of a marriage and at some point, your partner might want to have some babies running around the house. You need to know where you stand with regards to having kids and when you think you will be ready to have kids.

After the kitchen parties, bachelor parties and the big wedding day the real work will start and you need to be physically and mentally ready to make your marriage a success. There’s nothing nice when marriages end, so you need to be in it wholeheartedly.