Plan Your Valentine’s Romantic Getaway Early With These 5 Travel Tips

Currently thinking of a special anniversary surprise for your wife? When planning a getaway, think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime memory with her. However, creating an itinerary, travelling an unknown place and clinging to a budget, resulting for you and your partner’s romance taking a back seat to practicality. But regardless of the struggles of travelling,  it’s not that really problematic to find a little flirtation on the road.

You don’t really need to allow weeks organizing the perfect trip or hiring a foreign hotel staff to leave rose petals on your bed. You can definitely spice up your romance with on the budget and unique ways to add some excitement to your vacation.

Stay Away From Large Crowds

There are numerous popular romantic places that are not really romantic as they are in movies, pictures, and even on your imaginations. For instance, is the great Eiffel Tower that many couples have on their bucket list. In reality, you wouldn’t really see a movie or jewelry commercial that portrays its main characters to wait in line for 45 minutes before paying 12 euros per person to ride a congested elevator to the top, or someone bending on one knee holding a diamond ring at the foot of the monument in the middle of hundreds of noisy, aggressive tourists taking photos of each other as the fake to hold the tower with their hands.

But if you and your partner don’t mind that, then France’s popular building is worth the visit. But if you feel that the two of you would like a private moment away from the long queue and expensive entrance fees, you can try strolling around the historic Montmartre neighbourhood and head over to one of the cafes for a relaxing cafe au lait and a crepe. If you hate massive crowds then do some research so you’ll get ready for whatever you can expect from your trip before undertaking a romantic excursion to a well-known tourist site. For a more personal experience together, find some of the not-so-famous museums and places or you can arrange a low-season of early-morning weekday visits to spots that normally draw crowds.

Organize a Romantic Arrival at the Hotel

If you really want to impress your partner and surprise her even more, you can set arrangements with a local hotel to have the room prepared for your arrival. You can have flower petals scattered on the bed in the shape of a heart. You can hire performers to play a piece of romantic music and have some champagne with your love. Hotels can take care of this, so need to worry about it!

Create a Home Away From Home

Most of the time, this is more romantic than staying in a luxurious, expensive hotel room where you have to tip the staff or keep your valuables in a safe. You can opt for self-catering housings instead, which comes with cottage-style accommodations, and vacation rentals, that normally have kitchens and living areas that tend to be cheaper than inns or hotels. This type of stay is very romantic since it stirs up a cosy, close and intimate retreat in an unfamiliar destination. After enjoying a long day of sightseeing, you can return to your short-term residence and cook your own meals and loosen up and have some bottle of local wine on the balcony with your partner. Instead of using the cash to go to that pricey hotel bar, you can save it for buying fresh ingredients at local markets and prepare your own special recipe.

Opt for Family-Friendly Resort

The factors that come with most family resorts and cruises are meals with huge sea animals, gigantic waterslides and hundreds of kids running around, tend to restrain adult’s romance time. However, if you’re a parent and have your kids with you, then this might be more suitable for you all. There are many family-friendly vacations that provide unique, affordable opportunities for you and your spouse to have a valuable one-on-one time: systematic childcare programs and activity centres. You and your partner will not only benefit from this romantic getaway, but your children will also.

There are plenty of cruise lines such as Princess Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Cunard, and many more that offers cheap kids’ programs where professional childcare staff look after children while parents can relax at the spa or dine out. Rates for these kinds of group childcare more affordable than hiring private babysitting services. You won’t get any feeling of guilt-free, kid-free romance because your children will surely enjoy a blast on their vacation with entertaining programs and enriching destination activities such as surfing lessons or nature walks.

Simply Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Although seeing famous tourist sites and take pictures the whole day is totally great and can be really tiring, nothing compares in taking the time to stay in and enjoy your peaceful time together. The best suggestion we can give you here is to book a romantic couple massage for you and your wife. With all those walking during the day, go ahead and lay side by side and have a light conversation.

With that being said, you don’t really have to waste all of your money just to give the most perfect romantic getaway for your wife. A simple yet meaningful romantic trip that you both can enjoy is enough to show her how special she is to you. Make sure that you let her know in advance so she knows if she needs to take time off work and she is free to go. You may plan everything at least a month early so nothing goes wrong complicated.