Recovering From Sexual Assault

Rape is a sexual offense that happens very often in all parts of the world. Many people are behind bars for this offense. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics, at least one in every five people has been sexually abused at some point in their lives. This is a heartbreaking fact that we all have to face. The numbers increase day after day, despite seminars, protests, and the creation of awareness against this vice.

Sexual assault may sound like a common offense for someone who has not experienced it. Nevertheless, the pain can be described as awful for the victims. This is because they not only need to recover from the physical pain but also deal with the aftermath. This is usually a tedious process that needs a shoulder to lean on. Having close friends, relatives, and confidants that can love and support you both emotionally and physically can help you recover from the trauma.

There is a myth that depicts females as the only victims of rape. However, people of all ages, including newborns as well as both genders can be assaulted sexually. Healing fully can take a long time, but it can be achieved. Here are some of the ideas that can help a victim to recover from trauma.

  • Accept it

Accepting that you were sexually abused at a certain period is the first step towards healing. Suffering from guilt and failing to accept that it surely happened does more harm than good. Hide in your closet and cry it out. Crying reduces emotional stress.

  • Open up to a person you trust

After accepting and dealing with your personal pain, open up to a close person. It is true that a problem shared is half solved. Pouring the pain and discussing it with someone that loves you can really give you a lot of relief. This person can support and encourage you through your journey to recovery.

  • Join a support group

Support groups are formed to help rape victims recover and lead normal lives. Joining one will open your eyes and make you realize that indeed you are not the only one. You will have a chance to meet other victims and share your experiences with them. Usually, members of support groups are encouraged to freely talk about their ordeals and feelings. This is definitely what you need to get over your past.

  • Get ready for flashbacks

Awful memories are what keep rape survivors from recovering fully. It is prudent to know that you must have such flashbacks so that you can prepare to deal with them. Trauma can lead to depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Try to avoid things or situations that will make you remember what happened. For example, if you were raped in the dark, avoid darkness as much as possible. In case you flashback and your body start showing danger signs like nausea, dizziness, and fast breathing, pacify yourself by calming down and taking deep slow breaths.

In conclusion, trauma can lead to very adverse effects when not dealt with correctly. Support is all you need to recover from sexual assault. However, you need to support yourself first.