South African Made Ranger Raptor specs for Europe revealed

Although several markets are expecting the Ford Ranger in 2019, the Ranger Raptor remains the talk of the town. An almost mini edition of the revered F-150 Ford Raptor, the Ranger Raptor is believed to be a more accessible version of the monster pick-up. Both Asia and Europe are expecting the release early next year. Asian specifications were long revealed through the European market’s specs have just been unveiled.

The Ford Ranger Raptor is available in diesel only and is set to have a whopping horsepower output of 210. We can expect 500 Nm of torque from the vehicle which is expected to cause a stir among bakkie lovers worldwide. There have been reports of a significant towing capacity of around 2500kg for the Ranger Raptor, proving that the vehicle is every bit as strong as it looks. At a figure of 28cm, the Raptor far surpasses the ground clearance of the regular Ford Ranger. The strong steel bash plate is 2cm thick; making sure the truck is ready for a great degree of high-speed, high-endurance duty. The Ford Ranger Raptor is also notably wider than the standard Ranger, with an extra 15cm for added stability.

On the tech side, the Ford Ranger Raptor has an exceptional terrain management system (hooray for Baja mode), ensuring the truck is ready for off-road pretty much all the time. The most standout feature is, of course, the sheer build of the vehicle. Fashioned on the F-150, the Ford Ranger Raptor is a vision. Its road presence is bound to have people excited. The launch color, Lightning Blue has been a visually stimulating lead, though we personally can’t wait to see this bad boy in Red.

The vehicle, which is the first of its kind manufactured in South Africa, is not scheduled for sale in the African market just yet. Ford Ranger enthusiasts can hope for the best as the market for pickup trucks strengthen in the region. Just last year the Ford Ranger was not only the second most purchased bakkie, but it was also the second most purchased vehicle in South Africa for 2017. The demand for vehicles of this caliber is expected to rise, making the likes of the Ford Ranger Raptor a fitting upgrade for the bakkie drivers among us.